ShitEd (pronounced "shit-Ed") is an overaged ex-hippie converted to punk rock enthusiast. Employed by day in the graphic arts field, in the evenings he writes for zines, publishes Censor This and does graphics/layout for penniless bands. He actually gets paid for his work by a label with the unlikely name of Grand Theft Audio. ShitEd acquired his obnoxious nickname from a couple of people in Pasadena who didn't like his judgemental attitude. ShitEd took over the operation of Censor This from Liz Tongue after she became too busy with all her art and music projects. 

This is Ed's personal website, with more writing, graphic design, publishing and photography. 

Here's a story written by Ed and Arthur MacKay in a fit of silliness: "Enter The Anadroid". 

Here's an interview of The Crowd Ed did in Shitbird McGoon. 

(Photograph taken at "the trees" off Backus Road in the Mojave desert by Mike Livingston of the Mau-Maus.)