I have taken thousands of photographs of bands in action starting in the 90s -- because that's when I began writing for fanzines like Flipside and Fizz. Prints are available at reasonable rates for use by record labels. The bands include:

ADZ, AFU, Agent Orange, ALL, All Systems Go!, Anti-Heros, Aquabats, At The Drive-In, Bad Acid Trip, The Bad Samaritans, BadTown Boys, Bar Feeders, Billyclub, Black Jax, Blood On The Saddle, Blount, Bluegrass Bastards, Bobsled, Bored, Boris The Sprinkler, Calavera, Caltransvestites, Carnage Asada, Chemical People, Chickenhawks, Comatones, The Controllers, Crack, The Cramps, The Crowd, Cynical, Damnation, Das Klown, Dead Lazlo's Place, Derita Sisters & Junior, Descendents, D.I., Dick Dale, The Dickies, The Dictators, DOA, Dos (Mike Watt/Kira), Down By Law, DRI, Dr Know, The Dwarves, Electric Frankenstein, Fag Rabbit, Fear, FiFi, Final Conflict, Fishbone, Fixtures, Fluf, Foreign Object, The Gain, Gasoline (Flipside Rec), Glue Gun, Goodbye Harry, Green Jelly, Homebillies, Humpers, Ill Repute, Jaime Pina, Jawbreaker, Jeff Dahl, JFA, The Joykiller, Jughead's Revenge, Keith Morris, LA Times, Lazy Cowgirls, Leatherface, Leaving Trains, Litmus Green, Los Mongos, Lunachicks, Mau Maus, Media Blitz, Naked Aggression, New American Mob, 99th Fuck You, Nip Drivers, NOFX, The Padded Cell, Pavers, Pegboy, Penis Flytrap (Dinah Cancer), PFR, Pissant, Pop Defect, The Pushers (w/ Spencer), The Real McKenzies, RF7, Schleprock, Secret Hate, Shoegazer, Social Distortion, Spazz, Spent Idols, Stains, Texas Terri, Throwrag, Tongue, TSOL, TVTV$, Twister Naked, UK Subs, US Bombs, UXA, The Vandals, The Vermin, Vice Squad, Vida (Dez Cadena), Voodoo Glow Skulls, Whitekaps, Wrong People, Zeke, Zoinks.