Censor This is an oldschool style punk rock zine. It was founded in 1994 as an insurgent conspiracy, led by Liz McGrath and Kim Buckell, opposed to the gentrification of Oldtown Pasadena. It was also intended as a creative outlet for the circle of punks, artists and poets who staffed it. This literary protest survives, despite the successful "Westwoodification" of what was once quite fun and funky. 
     We don't go there anymore.

     Shitbird McGoon is/was an occasional fanzine-slash-humor magazine I did solo. That means I wrote everything, took every photograph. It survives in the name of its parent organization. The second issue is also known to some people by its joke title on the cover: Herpes Quarterly.

     Edward That Bastard is a one-off attack zine I did in the early 70s -- entirely in verse!

     The Vent was a one-off attack zine I did in the mid-90s. It was a cover-to-cover parody of the band Jawbreaker.

     In 1993 I wrote and published a slim volume of poetry titled Pasadamnation. It is still available for purchase. $4 USA postpaid ($5 Canada/$6 world) from McGoon, PO Box 4312, Sunland, CA 91041-4312 USA. US cash only, no rubber checks accepted.