I write on a wide variety of subjects, including serious articles, fiction, poetry, and humor.

    (reasonably) Straight Fiction

The Hellequin Cycle, a sci-fi novel. Chapter One. 

    Political "Hey!"

Making Criminals Out of You and Me

Correcting That Typographical Error in Your Brain

The Real Reason We Have Firearms

A Few Thoughts on Freedom

    Music Ravings

How to Thoroughly Suck (or be Punk as Fuck)

    Obnoxious Fiction

A Nice Young man for Christmas

    Bilious Humor Articulated

How to Fuck a Chicken

the Gibbering Smegma articles from Spank

...And They Built a Crooked Cross

Buddha Walked into a Bar...

    Skunk Cabbage Poetry

Lamia Leavings

I Sea