The novel was originally going to be published by Burning Tree, but they took a bad financial hit and were unable to do so. I web published it as a pdf file for a while. Now it is available as a paperback book, 250 pages. You may order it through the publisher at, or via

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     It is a world which looks just like ours; except that it has been visited often by alien civilizations -- visitors who have left black marks on its parallel history. On this world UFOs are a real threat. They build fortresses, psychological conditioning stations, and temples of worship. They keep people ignorant of science and fill their minds with religious obsessions. Any who oppose them are either killed or turned into robotic zombies. A handful of individuals oppose them: an African shaman, an irresistable femme fatale, a celtic tribal chieftain, a Hebrew saint, two ex-gods. They are called the Hellequins, and because they pass from one lifetime to the next with memory and abilities largely intact, they are also called by the name used for bodiless spirits: Daemons.
     But the science of the visitors is almost more than the Hellequin Daemons can handle. They struggle ineffectively for millennia against two different groups -- and only succeed in driving away one after the other group leave of their own free will.
     For three and a half centuries the planet is left unmolested. Then in its year 1945, just as in ours, several nuclear weapons are detonated. The blasts are detected, and once again the world is visited from outside its solar system.

     On our world European myth abounds with tales of heroes possessing superhuman powers, who sleep inside mountains or on islands until need arises. And when it does they wake to defend their people and fight their ancient enemies. Arthur Pendragon. Barbarossa. Cuchulain.
     But these are only folk tales.

     In 1952, on this alternate Earth very like our own, a company of French Foreign Legion infantry encounter a flying saucer while engaged in battle with the Viet Minh in French Indochina. A Legionaire squad leader dies -- and becomes a very angry ghost.
     In 1975 a couple of teenage would-be poachers are chased by a UFO. One of them goes postal with his deer rifle.
     In 1983 a saucy punk rock girl in Washington State goes out-of-body and attempts to rescue her lover who is dying in Lebanon. She fails; but the two of them encounter something in the air above the Mediterranean ... she goes berserk.

     ... The Hellequin Daemons are waking.