I Sea

I see everyone around me walking about
     With eyes tight shut as fists clenched hard
     On the memory of money no longer in their hands,
     Ripping their guts with unclipped nails, shredding their hearts,
     In single minded effort to free their insides:
     Gnawing rats trapped in the granary of life,
     Dry wheat everywhere, and not a drop to wet their thirst.
     More maniacs hammering at the walls of their lives--
     Or else slumped in apathy, staring dull-eyed
     At the frantic inanity of sitcoms and MTV.
I see everyone around me lusting for happiness:
     Looking here, looking there, everywhere except where it is.
     Looking for happiness inside wet pussy.
     Looking for happiness inhaling weeds on fire.
     Looking for happiness in fat bank accounts
     To make their dicks hard and nipples throb erect.
     I see everyone around me like empty beer schooners
     Longing to have their hollowness poured full of golden joy.
I see everyone around me looking outward,
     But refusing to really look.
     I see everyone around me looking inward,
     Staring in frozen horror at their own emptiness.
     I see everyone around me trying to be everyone around them,
     Instead of being themselves, which IS everyone else.

Hell is "I". Hell is isolation. There is no consolation.
     As discrete droplets falling individually upon the Earth,
     The sea of being is raining from the heavens.