Interviews in Censor This are usually of punk bands or artists. Occasionally one of us will interview a band which plays a different type of music. Interviews may be submitted for consideration by anyone. Submissions should be typeset on computer disk, and should include either Photoshop tiffs/jpegs or actual photographic prints. Staff members and close friends are the only ones vaguely guaranteed to get their shit into the zine however. Therefore it might be a good idea for you to contact me first before doing an interview.  

If you wish to have your band interviewed by Censor This DO NOT EMAIL ME, ShitEd, and ask me to interview you. Sorry, I am horribly busy. Instead try contacting any of our usual suspects:  

Liz Tongue/Xtian 400 Blows (downtown LA) 
Sal Cochino (San Fernando Valley) 
U.D. Szabo (Long Beach area) 
E.D. Bored (Pasadena) 

Good luck finding them. Just remember that we are not here to serve your needs--we are here for ourselves.